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​PRODUCT UPGRADES We work with nationwide commercial vendors that allow us to provide you with the hardware & software upgrades at competitive prices. If your a business or a Gamer we can build you a custom PC/MAC that will run more efficiently and faster than any pc you can buy at the big retailers.


PC REPAIR & MAC REPAIR Our goal at AC computer repair is a simple one. We are here to provide our customers with affordable and premium computer repair service. We will work with you to provice a cost effective computer repair solution that will prevent the need to buy a new computer every other year. Our certified computer technicians will work hard to provide a high level of PC & MAC repairs.


SECURITY At AC Computer Repair we are passionate about not only repairing your PC/MAC but also providing you with the most up to date antivirus software available. If your computer is immune to the viruses threating it, it will not need to be repaired. Our antivirus software has been ranked number #1 3 years in a row for providing the most secure malware, spyware and virus protection in the industry.